Instant Heart Rate+: Heart Rate & Pulse Monitor App Reviews

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iPhone 7 Plus Woes

I use this app to check my resting heart rate every morning when I wake up, in conjunction with the Sleep Time app. This was easy with my old iPhone 5S. Now that I upgraded to the iPhone 7 Plus with the dual camera and the flash separated from the camera by a small distance, its almost impossible to measure! Azumio needs to update the app so that it only uses the lens closest to the flash so that both lenses dont need to be covered in order to measure. I wouldnt purchase this app if you have an iPhone 7 Plus until they do that.



Heart rate

This app seen like its very accurate to me and easy to use .


Fast and accurate!

Excellent App

Works perfectly

One star is generous

This would be a great app if it worked! 60 bpm after 30 minutes on the elliptical? I dont think so. I tried different finger position, varied pressure--nothing worked. Ill give it one star for loading on my phone.

Great App

This app works great for measuring and creating a history of your heart rate

Great health tool

I purchased this app when I started experiencing tachycardia and had SVT in the 170s, it was so easy to check my heart rate and document the information for my cardiologist. I highly recommend this app!


Nice idea, nice app… Very very helpful app… Thank you guys…


I used this app several years ago during an episode of elevated heart rate which turned out to be a side effect of high T3. I am using it now to keep record after activity following a major back surgery. It works for me.

Nice !

Verry nice and useful App.

Works great

Simple to use and matches what I get if I take my heart rate manually...but so much easier. Helps me know if I am reaching my target heart rate during exercise.

Heart rate tracker

Great for keeping up with heart rate records and irregular heartbeats as well.

Heart monitor

Well written app fairly useful as I have a heart problem. Thanks! PS the price was right.

Great Insight

Love this app! I can gauge my heart rate after various activities...or life events.


Been going through a-fib. This app has helped me track and chart heart rate that can be shared with my doctor. Great app.

So far so good

Seems accurate enuf and with a mech heart valve I need to monitor my heart rate!!

Fast and Accurate!

Needed to monitor my heart rate when I went on a new medicine. Compared to doctors at every visit- very accurate.

Very handy

I use it all the time. Before I go in to give platelets I check my pulse and then verify it when they check it at my history.

Works as expected

Havent found any issues with this App. It does what it says it should.

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